Description:  ***the above links may not work on iPads. Click HERE to head over to Whack-A-Bone if that is the case*** This is the Whack-A-Bone HUB. With so many spin-off games arising from the original, it is necessary to collect them here in this menu. Hover over each title to find out more about each game. The latest version of the classic Whack-A-Bone is ready and is right in the middle of the menu. Stay tuned for more versions for every situation, including 'Tertiary' for advanced users and 'Duels' for some serious competitive fun and 'Carnival' for a more luck based experience.

Difficulty: Mixed

Controls: Mouse click, touchscreen, keyboard

Learning Curve: Steep. You might start as a novice, but you'll end as an expert

Body System Covered: Skeletal


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